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They have that cute Japanese-style way of showing their emotions. The boys or girls show the joy of winning or the sorrow of making a triple bogey by jumping up and down or bowing their heads with shame. They can also throw their clubs away in the process of having fun. Sail through the colorful menu in the company of a cute girl that will show you the way to play the game from the desk of the golf club. Not that it matters, but weather effects will be present in the game, and I mean snow, rain, but also the sunny days that every golfer needs to win a tournament. The analog system will be used to move around, the left stick to walk and the right one to set the camera. Holding the X button will start a very useful dash that will get you out of the trouble most of the times. Jimmy will have tons of weapons to use, and they might be slingshots, firecrakers, bats or stinkbombs, but they are a true danger when equipped. You can't "die" in Bully, because even if your health meter gets depleted, you'll wake up in the infirmary all fixed and ready to go. The funny thing is that you can't stay awake and active all day long. That nighttime curfew is not a stupid thing, as you'll feel the need to sleep and eventually end up fainting at 2 a.m if you skipped the nap. The campus life is pretty active, even at night and the surrounding city is much livelier at late hours. Lara has become a phenomenon in the past 10 years with the Tomb Raider production, either movie or game. Fans of these kind of games never leave after failures like Angel of Darkness, but they complain and wait for a masterpiece, or at least an improvement. The good news is that the original Tomb Raider is back. The bad news? No more Angelina Jolie in the game or movie. The character was taken over by the actress Karima Adebibe, who doesn't convince me that she's crafty enough for the Croft throne. The game is very good, no major defects; it's a breath of fresh air in the Tomb Raider series, with good gameplay, and excellent graphics and sound. A reproach for Crystal Dinamics would be the game's length, but I guess I'll forgive them if the sequel comes sooner and it's at least as good as this game. After pulling it together he thought that he had nothing to lose and accepted an undercover mission that required him to be imprisoned. With Sarah gone, Fisher would have taken a suicide mission easily and his bosses knew that. However the NSA doesn't quite know about Sam's task, because they would consider it too risky and call it off instantly. The objective is simple: infiltrate JBA (John Brown Army) and get them to trust you, while finding out who got the new and deadly "Red Mercury". You team up with a man named Jamie and the game will offer you the possibility to choose the "dark side" and become part of the JBA if you want to. Being a double agent can be hell and getting terrorists to trust you will even require shooting another Splinter Cell agent. Remember: Sam has nothing to lose anymore! Things have changed if we look back to the last original member of the Final Fantasy family. The control and battle system have moved totally to the analog and 3D universe. You can now run all over the map while fighting and disengage the battle just by running from your opponent. Also you won't be so static and take an enemy by surprise by attacking him from behind. There are no more random encounters as you'll the enemies coming before they hit you. The "bestiary" of the game is pretty vast and creatures range from normal soldiers to huge dragons and the trademark Square creatures (Tonberry, Marlboro, Cactuar etc). It might be just my imagination, but the soldiers of the Archadian Empire look a lot like the Galbadian soldiers from Final Fantasy VIII and I'm talking about their armors and helmets. Enlarge picture Nitrocide - (The winner will have the highest combined speed recorded at the track's checkpoints; Car is a BMW M3 @ 512 bhp): The NOS boost is somewhat sudden, but once it's activated, the feeling of speed is like no other. Truly, the game lives up to its name from this point of view alone. The camera zooms out immediately when pressing the NOS button, letting you know that the command was successful, also enabling you to see the track from farther away as you'll need to start moving the analog stick long before entering a corner at such high speeds. But there's a side effect too. By pressing B for the big boost, the car becomes a speeding rocket which can't be stopped in under 4 seconds; so when you decide to use the NOS, do it wisely and only when you have a straight line ahead. The more moves you make without allowing the other team's members to touch the ball, the more points you get. Chaining a couple of tricky stunts can give you all the points you need to unlock the whole hidden content in FIFA Street 2. Juggling moves can be performed while playing a normal match, by pressing the L1 and R1 buttons and toying with the trick stick, trying to create a-la-Ronaldinho magical moves. The trick stick can be good in defense, too so you'll use it to barge into the other players, push or pull them, till they fall. Still frustrated by the lousy keepers in UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 I was happy to see, that there's not much I can control about the keeper's moves in this title. The triangle will give you the chance to control the keeper, but the CPU will be doing the rest. You'll also have the chance to steal the enemy's gun while he threatens you and then a fist fight will commence. Setting charges has become the primary occupation of the average soldier, as is calling planes to do some bombing or blowing up bridges to keep enemy tanks away. The Nazis will be very paranoid and will spot you immediately, so few will be the chances to hit them in the head and sneak around. Eventually you'll reach the violent situation, we all know as sudden death through massive shootout. Taking cover is priority number one, before trying to instantly become Tom Hanks doing his "Saving private Ryan" act. Too bad that there are not so many cover spots as we'd like to. Hiding behind moving tanks must be the worst idea ever, as bullets pour like rain and you'll be dead meat in no time. Also, you can complete equations by picking symbols and filling the blanks, in the second sub-mode of the calculation challenge. Just add that plus or minus where it belongs and you'll get a straight A. In case Math's not your favorite subject, there's always the reflex challenge, where you get to choose the number with the highest value. Reflex includes a button erase sub-mode that allows the player to press the action buttons in order to erase the on-screen numbers, but once you're done with one of them, pushing the same button again makes you fail. After these tests have been completed, you can see a report card that includes the number of questions you answered, the difficulty, the time it took you to complete the whole test, the number of correct answers, the points you got and your grade. Nintendo gained millions of fans even before the 3D era and WarioWare: Smooth Moves takes the old WarioWare 2D-style to the next-gen universe. Don't expect Twilight Princess graphics yet, but at least we know that Wii can do it. In such party game, the graphics are not important at all, because what matters most is the fun you'll have while playing the game with a bunch of friends. The visuals are quite cartoonish and childish, though very interactive and right from the start, the player can annoy good old Wario by pushing his nose in the main menu or pulling his mustache. Some may think that this game's for children only, I say that it's for the child inside each one of us, no matter the age. So, you should leave the pixeled looks aside and go out and play, enjoying the cool gameplay features. Enlarge picture I suppose that there is a number of gamers that bought the title strictly for its multiplayer battles. In case you didn't know, all the 2 player battles in the game are in split-screen mode, because of the size of the environment and the fact that each character is independent, being able to fly around the level, hiding or preparing a powerful attack, according to the player's strategy. You can play normal one on one, tag or free battles in any of the locations you desire, while setting some of the battle's characteristics, like the time or the activation of transformations. Budokai Tenkaichi 2 can be hugely entertaining in its multiplayer mode, because the fans of the anime will finally have a chance to test their strength with a human opponent and try all of the 129 characters. You can't bully everyone or fit in all of the groups so, inevitably, you'll have sworn enemies and you'll gain reputation as you progress. James can become the nerd's friend by apologizing and protecting them or doing errands for the fat guys. However, he'll be the laughing stock and enemy of the other groups that will hunt him down. Prefects are the campus authority and you'll have to stay out of their range at any time. When alerted, they'll turn towards Jimmy and their vision range will appear on your radar. Run from them till you lose the tail, the prefects get tired or you find a trash can or locker to hide in. It's pretty cool and realistic that they continue to chase you even after you'll have left the building or exited an area. Reminds me of the wild chases in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. This may be a minigame collection, but you need one look at Rayman Raving Rabbids and you'll be tossing this title aside. However we must remember that Rayman was created for the Nintedo Wii, PS 2 or PC and the PSP has some graphical limitations. The backgrounds don't shine at all and the game tries to focus on the gameplay, failing in both fields. One chimp is annoying, but a whole army of them can become a living hell and I'm sure that sooner or later you'll get tired of seeing the same monkey with the same animation multiplied and called set of characters. The teachers and the other critters have all the clich? moves you've ever seen in an anime before. Some almost cutscene-like animations deliver a poor story told through text dialogs that would bore even a five year old, if he could read. It's that time of the year again, when tons of sequels and follow-ups to numeros movies and games are released, with great expectations and big disappointments for the fans. The movies and games based on Marvel comics have usually been average media products, if not failures and still there's an avalanche of them, since we've reviewed a least one Marvel-based title a month in the past year. Ghost Rider was a sad God of War clone, Spider-Man 3 borrowed from God of War and cloned its prequel and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is not looking too good either. We're deali


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